Harper's Bazaar Argentina Interview

Thank you for the wonderful feature and Interview on this last issue of Harper”s Bazaar Argentina!

Text by Cecilia Conde
Photo by Patricia de The amount of available casino games for free has decreased from 51 to 37, but the development of $15 and $20 tickets, in to the tier system, has ongoing the rise in affiliate payouts and quantity of those who win. Gregorio

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Vogue Spain Shiseido Beauty April 2012

It gives me great pleasure to share my first Vogue cover and 11 additional illustrations!  It is a special Beauty edition in collaboration with Shiseido celebrating this brand’s 140th anniversary.  I am specially proud as I have not seen another illustrated cover for Vogue since the 1940’s, correct me if I am wrong.  I certainly hope that illustrated covers become an alternative to photography.

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Paris Match!


Vogue Spain Beauty Cover

Vogue Spain Beauty

marcela-gutierrez-vogue-beauty shiseido-1

Vogue Spain Beauty

Vogue Spain Beauty


Vogue Spain Beauty


Vogue Spain Beauty

Vogue Spain Beauty




It Fashion


Marchesa Leonor

Marchesa Tilda


Marchesa Daphne

Marchesa Suzanne

Marchesa Angelica


Marchesa Miuccia


Avedon Inspiration


Hola! Peru

Interview for Hola! Peru Magazine.
Photographs by Vanessa Montero, Hair & make up by Karim Belghiran.

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Reviewing Casati countdown…

Coming exhibition, 8 new pieces from the series Reviewing Casati and additional artwork to be exhibited on March 13th at Enlace Arte Contemporáneo Gallery in Lima, Perú.



In Prada's wall of fame


“Inspired by the illustrations adorning classic bodice-rippers and pulp fiction paperbacks,
Stain features super-sized close-cropped watercolor portraits of Prada models in a weirls of color
that borders on the lurid. The collage is comprised of fragments of original paintings
by illustrator Marcela Gutiérrez recombined in a full-wall composition.”



Merry Christmas

Harper’s Bazaar Interiors Arabia Interview

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Idol Magazine Interview